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GDCB 511 Homework 3-11-08. Due Wednesday March 25 2009. Can DNA be spliced like RNA? You are a graduate student working in a lab that studies splicing of nuclear pre-mRNA introns. You prepare RNA splicing substrates by in vitro transcription, incubate these with HeLa cell nuclear extracts , and then run the products on a gel as we have discussed in class. Your friend works in a lab that analyzes the properties of single-strand DNA (ssDNA). He offers to make an ssDNA copy of your test intron, and asks you to include it in your splicing assay. “Why not try it? Maybe the ssDNA will splice like the RNA does”, he says.
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Unformatted text preview: Theres no need to try it; it will never work!, you say. How can you be so sure that the ssDNA will not splice in your system? Would your answer be different if you were using a Group I intron splicing system? Why? Note regarding working with others: Science is usually a collaborative project. Feel free to discuss and plan this assignment with your classmates. You can also use your book and the internet as needed. However, each student should prepare their written assignment in their own words....
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