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Unformatted text preview: Gen511-HW4-23-08-key.doc Gen 511 Homework. Due Wednesday April 30, 2008. In class we discussed changes in copy number of Tri-Nucleotide Repeat (TNR) sequences. These have been implicated in humans as the cause of certain diseases. We also discussed a model suggesting that the ability of TNRs to adopt secondary structures affects their suitability as substrates for the Flap Endonuclease (product of FEN1 gene). Your assignment: a. Propose an experimental system to detect expansions and contractions of TNRs in the yeast S. cerevisiae . To create your system, assume that you can make constructs of various types in vitro and can then introduce these into yeast where they can be maintained either on extrachromosomal plasmids, or integrated into the chromosome. Be sure to include how you would detect changes in TNR copy number. b. Use your system to test whether mutations in the yeast FEN1 gene affect the frequency of TNR expansions/contractions (you can assume that a yeast fen1 mutant is viable). Hint: Experiments like this have already been done, and results reported in the scientific literature! Its ok to refer to published papers to help design your system, but be sure to give appropriate citations. Answer Key: There are many possible answers to this question. Following is an acceptable answer; other plausible answers can receive full credit....
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Gen511-HW-6%20key - Gen511-HW4-23-08-key.doc Gen 511...

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