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case study ch 1 Qs - wrong relatable to the public We all...

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G a u t h i e r | 1 Bethany Gauthier Shaffer COMM 272 8 February 2010 Chapter 1 Case Study Questions 1. Martha Stewart’s initial public relations response to the charges against her was terrible. Martha Stewart was always a very public figure, and suddenly became a “silent diva.” If she truly was not guilty of the crimes she was accused of, she should have been out there talking to the public more. It would have been more rational to just admit guilt, to the public would cease looking into the matter at hand in conjunction with every other thing she could have possibly do. 2. Martha Stewart violated many key public relations principles, starting with not being honest communication for credibility, and ending with avoiding two way communications to prevent alienation. 3. If I would have been representing Martha Stewart, I would have advised her to just come clean. Admitting guilt can only show your more human side, a side which we all have making the
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Unformatted text preview: wrong relatable to the public. We all make mistakes. 4. Martha Stewarts decision to go to jail early was extremely beneficial for her. By doing this she admitted guilt without G a u t h i e r | 2 speaking the words, and the public saw her as a hero afterwards. It showed that not even the elite can escape punishment entirely, again showing her more human side by demonstrating a desire to want to pay the price for her mistakes. 5. Stewart should continue to keep open dialogue with the public, if people feel they “know” her they will begin to or continue to trust her. 6. Stewart should definitely admit guilt. At the end of the day no one buys that nothing funny happened. It’s a little pretentious for her to believe that the truth is not important, given actions speak louder than words and in a way her actions were an admission of guilt, coming out and saying it as well would really raise her credibility even more....
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case study ch 1 Qs - wrong relatable to the public We all...

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