Ch8 research 1-10 - 3. Measure intensity of feelings. 4....

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G a u t h i e r | 1 Bethany Gauthier Shaffer COMM 272 8 March 2010 Chapter 8: Research 1. Research is important in public relations work because it can demonstrate recent trends and public opinion about certain things and based on the results, it impacts the message and the direction a project will go towards. 2. Primary is original research that cannot be found anywhere else. Secondary research is research that already exists, that was done by someone else. 3. The 4 elements in a survey are: 1. Sample 2. Questionnaire 3. Interview 4. Analysis of results 4. Random samples are acquired by anyone; all members of the population have an equal chance of being selected. Stratified sampling is a procedure used to survey different segments of the population. 5. The keys to designing an effective questionnaire are: 1. Keep it short.
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G a u t h i e r | 2 2. Use structured rather than open ended questions.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Measure intensity of feelings. 4. Dont use fancy words or words than have more than one meaning. 5. Dont ask loaded questions. 6. Dont ask double-barreled questions. 7. Pretest 8. Offer a reward 6. Communications audits are typically used to analyze the standing of a company with its employees or community neighbors. 7. Tools used to measure public relations outcomes are, surveys, focus groups and communications audits. 8. Evaluation is important because it determines what happened and why by measuring results against established objectives. 9. Questions pertinent when evaluating a web site may be, does the web site convey the message that the creators intended it to? Is it easy to find all information? Are there broken/dead links? 10. The first factor to be considered in conducting Web-based research is the credibility of the site itself....
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Ch8 research 1-10 - 3. Measure intensity of feelings. 4....

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