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Chapter 4 Case Study Questions

Chapter 4 Case Study Questions - Gauthier |1 Bethany...

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G a u t h i e r | 1 Bethany Gauthier Shaffer COMM 272 18 February 2010 Chapter 4 Case Study Questions 1. I think David Stern did a tremendous job in dealing with the Pacers-Pistons brawl. Not only did he speak with words, his actions were right there with what he was saying. He implemented a dress code, suspended the instigating players and gave them penalties, increased security and band beer sales after the fourth-quarter of games among some other things. I mean I guess he could have banned beer all together but seriously, sports are a little more fun with it. Maybe he could have added 40 hours of community service per year as part of a player’s contract, so they would always be involved in the communities. Maybe he could have risen the player age to a riper 21. Seriously though, I feel his punishments and recovery were pretty good. 2. If I would have been giving David Stern advice on how to handle public opinion, I would have had him go on some talk shows to speak about the matter some more. I would advise him to
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