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Lecture Notes - Juvenile Courts of 1899

Lecture Notes - Juvenile Courts of 1899 - Sociology 351...

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Sociology 351 Professor Sternheimer Lecture Notes – Juvenile Court of 1899 The Illinois juvenile court act of 1899 marked the end of the child saving movement. It distinguished between neglected and delinquent juvenile's. It established a system of probation for juveniles. It created a separate court system. It created a special set procedures for juveniles. It separated juveniles and adults in the correction system. It established a system of probation to assist the court system There are some of the policy reforms of the Illinois juvenile court act. Bear in mind that these reforms are based on the social conditions of the time. Theory: poverty and social conditions lead to crime. Criminality is not inherited. This aimed social reform at the poor, not behavioral problems. o Policy Reform: the "cure" was directed at a social class, not the behavior of a particular individual or group's of individuals. Theory: social ills are learned. Negative role models create negative behaviors. o Policy Reform: juveniles need to be separated, not incarcerated with adults. Theory: parens patriae o Policy Reform: the state has a moral obligation to intervene on behalf of the juveniles conditions Theory: education and discipline is the way to "cure" juveniles. Juveniles can be taught not to be a threat to society. o Policy Reform: juveniles should be educated as a part of their discipline One of the shortcomings of the newly founded juvenile court was the fact that status offenders were prosecuted as criminals.
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