HW_1_KEY - Output:TAD^t=H65^t=@;D{1168 Input:...

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CS 31: INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER SCIENCE I Computer Science Department University of California, Los Angeles Dr. John A. Rohr January 28, 2010 HOMEWORK 1 KEY Inputs are shown in bold type! GRADING DATA TEXT ENCODER Input: X Output:X0000 Input: J3 Output:J"0034 Input: 5~! Output:5JI0147 Input: XUCLA Output:XPbYd0367 Input: #CS33 Output:#9)II0244 Input: *Winter<tab>2010 Output:*|je_na^3CEDE1051 Input: ~A1Z9a0z! Output:~>N%F|Oc^~0769 Input: |Something to encode. Output:|.przkwvqx^>kp^>zq|p{zS2301 Input: ('^') Output:(PwPN0357 Input: The last line.
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Unformatted text preview: Output:TAD^t=H65^t=@;D{1168 Input: &lt;Return&gt; Done. CS 31: INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER SCIENCE I Computer Science Department University of California, Los Angeles Dr. John A. Rohr January 28, 2010 HOMEWORK 1 KEY Inputs are shown in bold type! INPUT TEXT X J3 5~! XUCLA #CS33 *Winter 2010 ~A1Z9a0z! |Something to encode. ('^') The last line. OUTPUT TEXT X0000 J&quot;0034 5JI0147 XPbYd0367 #9)II0244 *|je_na^3CEDE1051 ~&gt;N%F|Oc^~0769 |.przkwvqx^&gt;kp^&gt;zq|p{zS2301 (PwPN0357 TAD^t=H65^t=@;D{1168...
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HW_1_KEY - Output:TAD^t=H65^t=@;D{1168 Input:...

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