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CS 31: INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER SCIENCE I Computer Science Department University of California, Los Angeles Dr. John A. Rohr January 6, 2010 PROJECT 1 Learning to Operate the C++ Development Environment Objective : Learn to operate the editor and C++ compiler in the Visual 2008 C++ development environment and understand how to handle some simple programming errors. Assignment : Do all of the following except possibly Step 1. 1. (Optional) Obtain a copy of Visual C++ 2008 and install it. If you do not do this step, you will presumably either do all your work on the SEASnet computers or do your development using another environment and use a SEASnet machine only for the finishing touches. 2. Enter the C++ program below into the C++ development environment you will be using. Do not change the program. 3. Build the executable from the program. Fix any typographical errors you may have made when entering the program so that the program compiles and links without any errors. 4. Execute the program with a variety of reasonable input integer values to ensure it runs as expected from reading the source code. 5. Using the program as given, run it with input integer values that cause it to produce incorrect, unusual, or nonsensical results. (Notice that the instructions say to use input integer values , not input like 124765.23 or computer.) 6. Starting with the given program, introduce into the source code at least one error that someone might make that, while not preventing a successful build, causes the program when it runs to produce
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