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1 ECE 3150 Homework 2 Due 2/12/2009 by 11:10 AM 1. (Poisson Equation and diffusion Length) For a p-type extrinsic Si with the acceptor doping N A =2 10 17 cm -3 , the minority mobility n =750cm 2 /Vs, the majority mobility p =300cm 2 /Vs, the minority lifetime n =2 10 -7 s, and the relative dielectric constant of Si is 11.7, (a) Estimate the potential curvature (defined from the Poisson equation) when the majority carriers are somehow all depleted. (4 pts) (b) If we start from a region where the net charge, electric field and electrostatic potential is all zero, when we enter the majority-carrier depleted region for 100nm, what are the values of the electric field and electrostatic potential at the end of the 100nm charged region? (4 pts) (c) At equilibrium, calculate the minority diffusion length as defined in Prob. 4(b). Is it smaller or larger than 1 m? (4 pts) (d) Given that the voltage drop in a semiconductor junction is most often smaller than E gap /q , how do
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