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hw04 - carrier population in the reverse active region of...

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1 ECE 3150 Homework 4 Due 2/26/2009 by 11:10 AM 1. [20 points] Text (Razavi), Problem 3.50. Turn in output waveforms for current across the load resistor, and the voltage drops across the diode and input voltages. For this problem you have to use SPICE as you did in Lab section. You can download the free version of SPICE from: http://www.electronics-lab.com/downloads/schematic/013/ on your own personal computer. The tutorial for the lab is available on the blackboard site. 2. [20 points] (a) Sketch the minority carrier populations in a forward-active PNP transistor. (b) Derive the expression for the forward active current for the PNP transistor and write down the expression for I s . We derived this in class for the NPN transistor. (c) Sketch the minority
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Unformatted text preview: carrier population in the reverse active region of the NPN transistor. (d) Sketch the minority carrier population in the reverse active NPN transistor. Show all E, B, C, and doping type labels. 3. [10 points] Why must the equation I C +I B +I E =0 be true? Why can’t some of the electrons go into the base and recombine and disappear? 4. [10 points] Text (Razavi), Problem 4.5 5. [10 points] Text (Razavi), Problem 4.6 6. [10 points] Text (Razavi), Problem 4.9 7. [10 points] Text (Razavi), Problem 4.10 8. [10 points] Text (Razavi), Problem 4.11 9. [5 points] Text (Razavi), Problem 4.19 10. [30 points] Text (Razavi), Problem 4.21. Repeat this problem for VA=10volts. 11. [30 points] Text (Razavi), Problem 4.45...
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