902477181-Smith-F09 - Student ID#: 902477181 1. Current...

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Student ID# : 902477181 BMED1000 Survey-Fall09 (B.Fasse) Please do not leave any items blank. Write “I don’t know” or N/A if that is the case. 1. Current major: BMED Previous major(s)? NA 2. This is my (check one) 1 st 2 nd 3 rd 4 th 5 th year at Georgia Tech. 3. Transfer student? Yes No If yes, from where? 4. I have worked in a research lab environment since high school. Y es No If yes, describe where this work took place and what kind of work it was. 5. I plan to work in a research lab while an undergraduate student at GT. Y es No Explain why or why not. Build experience 6. I predict I might be prepared to function confidently in a research lab: this year (09/10) next year (10/11) 3 rd year 4 th year grad school 7. I currently have an idea of the type of research I’d like to do. Y es No If yes, please describe: I would like to work in the neuro-engineering lab 8. I currently have access to a research group or lab. Y es No 9. I think students join research labs by using their resources, and talking to individuals. 10. Some resources that help students find research opportunities are websites, other peers, older peers, 11. I learned what I know about research opportunities from experience, and learning from older individuals. 12. The current state of my preparedness to participate in research could be described as: (check one) Not at all (I would be uncomfortable or nervous b/c I know nothing about research except what I’ve experienced in high school and/or seen on television.) A little bit (I would be comfortable observing and interacting with an expert on a research project.) Moderate (I can confidently move around the space and do simple procedures if I am monitored.)
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This note was uploaded on 03/08/2010 for the course CHEMISTRY 1310 taught by Professor Williams during the Spring '10 term at Georgia Institute of Technology.

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902477181-Smith-F09 - Student ID#: 902477181 1. Current...

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