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biodiesel - price of one source of energy is greater than...

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Ishaan Karpe Chem Lab J4 Biodiesel Finding an alternate source of energy has been in the forefront of scientific research in the last few years. Scientists are testing many different materials and chemicals to find a renewable source of energy. Biodiesel is one source that can help reduce the use of nonrenewable resources and help the environment. Biodiesel uses old cooking oils that have already been discarded by homes, restaurants, etc. It can be used by can machinery that runs on a diesel engine. I believe integrating biodiesel into the country would be a great idea. Any solution to today’s issue of nonrenewable resources should be given the opportunity to be tested and used in the real world. It is clearly more environmentally friendly than petroleum and would encourage more research in environmentally safe products. Affordability is the major factor that must be considered while making this transition. People will certainly have a hard time attempting to switch fuels if the
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Unformatted text preview: price of one source of energy is greater than the other. This factor leads to economic battles with the major oil companies in the country. Biodiesel poses a great threat to these companies. This transition would be rather difficult at first due to the prices and the fact that people would have to make major changes to accommodate for biodiesels. Families would have to purchase new cars that can run on biodiesel and there would certainly be major expenditures. Assessment Agree Neutra l Disagree The essay is well organized. The authors’ opinions are clearly stated and well supported. The introductory sentence(s) provides sufficient information regarding the topic of the essay. The requirements of the assignment are met. The grammatical errors in the essay do not detract from the overall argument and discussion. The concluding remarks reiterate the significant points made throughout the essay. Comments:...
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biodiesel - price of one source of energy is greater than...

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