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Chem 1310 Fall 2009 1st Assignment for Lab

Chem 1310 Fall 2009 1st Assignment for Lab - Chem 1310 Fall...

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Chem 1310 Fall 2009 1st Assignment for Lab Your 1 st day in lab will be an introduction to a variety of topics to get you ready to do lab work at GT. You will be covering: Basics of Scientific Writing Basics of Scientific Plotting Honor Code; how and when you may collaborate Pre-labs and Post-labs Lab Safety Lab Check-in You must bring to lab a scientific plot and a short essay to facilitate the modules on writing and plotting. These are your “pre-lab” entrance tickets to get into lab next week. They are worth 100 points for “Writing Assignment 1”. Scientific Plotting Many times in scientific data there is a relationship between the independent and dependent variables in a data set. The best way to see this relationship is to make a graph of the X and Y data. The independent data is plotted on the X axis while the dependent data is plotted on the Y axis. It is usually referred to as, Y (dependent data) vs. X (independent data). Common examples of independent data are time and concentrations. Some examples of dependent data are absorbance, rate constant and equilibrium constant. The data is plotted as a scatter plot and then a trendline is added to visualize the data. The type of line that is used to visualize your data should be based on theory underlying the experiment. Many times in beginning chemistry the relationship between the two variables is a linear one or the mathematical equations are manipulated to get a linear relationship. Later on you may be asked to defend your use of either a straight or curved line. That is, the theory underlying your data
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