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September 15th, 2009 Georgia Institute of Technology West Campus Housing 510 Turner Place GA, 30022 Dear Sir or Madam, Though last year I was a high school student, I have obtained solid training in research, writing and analysis through the various tasks and jobs I have had to accomplish. In addition, I have the motivation and determination to make anything happen. My past jobs have taught me how to work with individuals and how to manage my time to get things done. All that is left is for someone to offer me a position which mutually interests both of us. My main interest lies in learning something new, and applying it to the new
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Unformatted text preview: world. Essentially if something teaches me a new skill, I would be willing to help your company or organization. My analysis skills and determination are top of the notch, as proven in my success in high school as being top in my class and maintain the 99th percentile on the SATs. I am sure that through my abilities I can make an immediate contribution to your organization or company. I would be very interested in discussing this opportunity with you further. Please call me, or email me whenever you feel the necessity to. Thank you for your Consideration. I look forward to meeting you. Sincerely Arghaya Dalapati...
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