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Arghaya Dalapati GT1000 10/20/2009 Journal 5 Technology is an element in society that is constantly changing, for either the good aspect or even the bad aspect. This article exemplified how “voice mail” has progressed to the point, that people who don’t want to say no to an individual end up simply redirecting that individual to voice mail. We know this to be an unwavering truth; think about the amount of times that you simply clicked the “end call” button to not listen to your parents. It happens all the time, without us being aware of it. The technology created helps us keep the distant mindset away from actually talking to individuals. Take for example the method of simply calling your provider and asking them to block a number. A few decades ago, not that many people would even HAVE a phone to make calls on, let alone annoying calls about going on a date. Nowadays people miss use the methods of calling to an outrageous extent.
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Unformatted text preview: Now comes a time when people block numbers, just so they won’t have to talk to an specific someone rather than flat out tell them that they do not wish to converse with them. That is the anti-people type of technology that people have created. But one does have to remember that as more technologies are created, people will begin to miss use all those technologies to a horrible and bad extent, for example calling many different times and annoying one to a huge extent. There’s always a price to pay as we go further into the society, and progress further. Technologies can be used in a harmful or good way depending on the user and the manner in usage. I mean what would we do without telephones, but the price which we had to pay was allowing some individuals to misuse those privileges which come with new technologies....
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