Journal Entry 3 - refugee’s She is able to discipline...

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Arghaya Dalapati GT1000 September 29, 2009 Journal 3 Personally I believe whoever is interested in learning the cultural, social or economic struggles of individuals who are less fortunate than we are, around the country we live in and around the world should put aside whatever they are doing and pick this book up. The story is written in such a way that it correctly and accurately encompasses the fears found by any individual fleeing from a country, for the f ear of their own lives and those of their families. One of the scariest parts is how the fugitives flee from their home country, coming to America but nothing really changes at first. Its extremely painful to read how at first the majority of individual’s were treated horribly by the police and the long term inhabitants of the town. The manner in which the people dealt with were simply brilliant such as the story of the grocery store. The coach, Luma greatly attracted me, simply because oef her sacrifice and dedication towards the
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Unformatted text preview: refugee’s. She is able to discipline them, make them do what she believes is right, instill morals upon them while maintain a loving relationship with them. It truly makes you wonder, what would happen if the whole world encompassed of people like that. The whole world would be a completely different place, to live. Soccer itself is a brilliant and intriguing art, but by combining it with such a magnificent book enhanced the aspect of both arts, the book and the game. One begins to realize how unique the United States is and how anything is possibly here, living up to the American dream, of succeeding in life. St. John does an extremely good way of describing the pain and the overall problems faced by the refugees. I would highly recommend anyone to read this book, simply because of the understanding of different cultures and emotion’s one feels when reading this book. Usually a book doesn’t cause such emotions, but in this case they clearly did....
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Journal Entry 3 - refugee’s She is able to discipline...

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