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Arghaya Dalapati GT1000 October 13, 2009 Journal Assignment 4 The main point in the first article “Please! IT’s Only Seven Minutes Late, Professor” was to describe the and enforce the idea that late assignments are something which should not become a habit in the college curriculum. This is because professors in college have the full right to simply rid of your paper in that case. The idea that the professor came up with, in shredding his student’s paper if they were late was a brilliant idea (even it really wasn’t enforced). If I was a professor I would do the exact same thing, except with a much more menacing tone, or enforcing way. I mean, the professor has to make cuts to and by making something due one must turn it in exactly at that time. GATECH did a unique job in having us turn in the submissions by a specific time online, thus if one is late then it will simply not accept the paper. That makes us as students turn the paper in on time, or perhaps earlier than expected.
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Unformatted text preview: I skip class. I mean I assumed that all students did, but by reading this it made me more aware. I actually havent been to my Differential Equations class since the first day of school, since I thought the teacher was worthless. But now I realize that he actually has some meaning. It looks like tomorrow im going to be heading to my Differential Equations class simply because of this book. Cutting class isnt a pleasure now, its become a habit. The only reason I cut class is because of the freedom I am given in college; for example in high school I never cut class but when in college I started cutting class constantly. Simply because I couldnt wake up or because I felt a little bit tired. This all became a habit which is pounding down on me right now. I hope some professors listen to Professor Brown and require students to come to his class. That would cause me to actually show up, rather than sit around recovering from last night....
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