Lab 3 Disscussion - A rghaya Dalapati Ar ren Washington Lab...

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Arghaya Dalapati Arren Washington Lab 2 September 17, 2009 Lab Report 3 – Conclusion and Results Part A of Lab 3 involves analyzing the nature of aqueous solutions by conductivity, which is created by the ions presented in the solution. The conductivity is the main element which determines if the solution is a strong or weak acid. To do so, we were asked to analyze the conductivity in some Acids, Salts and Mixtures. Question A: A single conductivity meter was used to measure several solutions rather than combining data from other students in order to minimize calibration errors from the machine, giving the best accuracy for you measurements. Our data gave way to the observations that there is a correlation between Ions and conductivity. Question B. The relationship between conductivity and number of ions is proportional to each other. The macroscopic observations/measurements tell you the activity of a solution. If the number of ions increases, the conductivity increases as well. Based on the conductivity, Students were able to easily determine the strength.
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Lab 3 Disscussion - A rghaya Dalapati Ar ren Washington Lab...

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