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Arghaya Dalapati GT1000 October 25, 2009 Meyers-Briggs Test - Essay The Meyers-Briggs Test defined me as a champion, an unique individual that composes of 2 to 3 percent of the population. The characteristics exemplified by this “champion” seem to define many of my habits and my overall personality. People genuinely like me, because of my friendliness, but I do have a relatively low attention span. Actually this is a complete lie; I do have a really low attention span. Everything I do, I do with a passion till something comes up, which easily distracts me. My life goal of becoming a doctor further defines the term of a ENFP, simply because I have no desire to lead my life to benefit myself, rather I would sacrifice
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Unformatted text preview: everything to help out a friend or to make a change in the world. This is the main reason I choose to go into pre-med, because I feel that by going into medical school I can make a difference in my life, rather than pursuing selfish desires which would help no one rather than myself. I feel as if I do have some sort of ability to draw crowds towards me, or to make people listen to me but it’s limited to some specifics. The words I choose are specific, which help motivate. I truly do believe that everyone has a good role in their life and they are able to do many great things if given the chance, which defines basic characteristics of what a champion believes....
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