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During the upcoming year, I plan to be involved in various student organizations such as SGA. The main way I would be able to balance the upcoming year, alongside a student staff member position, is simply by having my priorities set straight. By having good time-management skills, I would be able to ideally accomplish any task set in front of me. I have been able to do so, in the past through a primitive trial and error process, in which I came to a conclusion that having strict guidelines for everything is the most effective way. Essentially, the basic idea (laugh if you will) of having a calendar with timetables for EVERYTHING you do, and following that calendar robustly provides the best results in managing your time. At the current moment, I have nothing that would require significant hours outside of the basic needs of a college student such as studying, eating, sleeping and socializing. The fraternity I am involved in consumes a few required hours per week (Wednesday's from 8 - 9) for chapter meetings, and optional
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