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Arghaya Dalapati 1102 Section F Professor Kathryn Farley September 29, 2009 The Magnificent World of Coke An adventure begins immediately once one begins to think of what adventure they are going on . Likewise , our adventure began when Ariel Lu, Jeff Dube, and Christine Lee decided to go to the World of Coke . Jeff and I have been friends since nearly 1 st grade while Ariel and Christine are newly acquainted friends whom I met over the summer . Since I had a religious event this past weekend , I was unable to go with Jeff Dube, so I ended up going with Ariel and Christine, on Monday the day before the assignment was due . While many may argue procrastination is no way to accomplish task , I find procrastination to enhance the whole experience by creating a sense of thrill . But have no fear , this paper was not written at ridiculous hours; rather it was completed immediately after the expedition to the World of Coke . Our review begins at the most random hours since after all , we are college students. At about 6 o’clock on Sunday , I heard my phone ringing. When I glanced at the caller id , I was able to establish that my close friend, Ariel Lu was calling me . Rather than asking me how my day was or how I was doing , like a typical conversation should begin, Ariel questioned me on when we should actually make our adventure over the World of Coke . Knowing that my schedule was relaxed on Monday , I told her that we could go anytime during the day, or even at night . She happened to call Christine , and after a mild conversation with the both of them we agreed that we would meet up at Tin Drum at 10:30
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Review 1 - Arghaya Dalapati 1102 Section F Professor...

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