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Axia College Material Appendix B Characteristics of Interpersonal Communication Enter the appropriate purpose, audience, tone, and content for the message to your instructor and the message to your classmate. Use the Tab key to move from one cell to the next. The cells will expand to accommodate your text. Read the following scenario: You have read assignment details in your course syllabus, but you are still unsure what to do. Think about how you would approach your instructor versus how you would approach a classmate to receive more information about the assignment. Purpose Audience Tone Content Instructor Message I would contact my instructor 1 st because I would want to get the correct information as soon as possible. If the instructor assigned it they would know exactly what is expected from you. The audience is my instructor so therefore I would view this as a professional audience and would follow the protocol I follow with all business communication. The tone would be professional, to the point and
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Unformatted text preview: stated as clearly as possible. The content of the communication would include my contact information because I know that the instructor is dealing with many students and I do not want them to have to look up how to get back with me. It would include all course information and also a clearly stated description of my problem. Classmate I would wait a My audience My tone would I would include COM 140 Message day or two for my instructor to get back with me before I approached a classmate. If a deadline were approaching I would post a general message in the questions thread. would be all of my current classmates. be casual yet still professional. I view all school correspondence to be professional due to the fact that I am preparing and doing this for my future profession. my question and then what I think the answer might be so as to minimize the feedback I am given. I would want my classmates to know what I already understand and what I do not. COM 140...
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com140_appendix_b-finished - stated as clearly as possible....

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