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What are the main formatting differences between the memo and the academic paper? The main formatting differences between the two papers are that with the academic paper you need a header, title page and reference page. The rules regarding abbreviations are also stricter. In what ways do audience, purpose, tone, and structure affect the formatting of the memo and the paper? Audience - A memo is business yet causal. ..these are probably your teammates you know them on a somewhat personal level. An academic paper is to your professor (or someone in that capacity) they do not really care what you have to
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Unformatted text preview: say. They care about the technicalities of your paper above all else. Purpose- A memo is to convey business information in a clear concise, yet abbreviated manner. An academic paper is to show the knowledge that you have gained. Tone- A memo is business communication yet with a semi casual tone. An academic paper is always formal and strictly business in tone. Structure- The memo is more casual The academic paper is very formal with very rigid guidelines that you are expected to adhere to....
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