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CheckPoint: Cost Per Output and Cost Per Outcome Response Write a 200- to 300-word response to the following: Why are cost per output and cost per outcome calculations valuable to a human service agency? What might happen if a human service agency did not determine the cost per output and cost per outcome? The reason that the cost per output and the cost per outcome are important to a human service agency is because it helps the agency to become and stay financially stable. Not all outcomes are good and not all outcome are bad. An agency needs to know how much is being spent on each outcome so that they can learn to focus on the good outcomes and waste less money on less desirable outcomes. An agency needs to always know how much its basic output cost is because it may fluctuate. By knowing, what the exact output costs are an agency can work on ways to save money and better
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Unformatted text preview: budget for future programs or even ongoing programs. By keeping an eye on output costs the agency can know how their program is working towards its financial goals and know what areas needs more or less money. By knowing how all monies are being implemented it can help the agency get or stay stable and grow to meet future needs. Determinations can be made of course by looking at fixed and variable costs and how that affects the overall working of the agencies financials. If a company did not determine their output and outcome costs they could easily lose track of financial goals and not make ends meet which would end the agency due to lack of funds from frivolous waste, it can also lead an agency to being ineligible for future aid from benefactors due to poor recordkeeping. No one wants to send money to an agency that is not holding itself accountable financially....
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