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week 4CheckPoint-1 - 351000/1185008 =.296 o fund-raising...

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CheckPoint: Financial Ratios Use the data from 2002 in Appendix D to calculate each of the following: o Current ratio 104,296/139017= 0.75 o Long-term solvency ratio 391270/310246 = 1.26 o Contribution ratio 617169/1165065 = 0.53 o Programs and expense ratio 834008/1185008 = 0.7 o General and management and expense ratio
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Unformatted text preview: 351000/1185008 = .296 o fund-raising and expense ratio After looking at all 3 sheets over and over I can not find any topic that states a fundraising revenue or expense o Revenue and expense ratio 1165065/1185008 = 0.98 Post your final calculations as a Microsoft ® Word attachment....
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