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Grading Rubrics - CheckPoint : Characteristics of...

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Unformatted text preview: CheckPoint : Characteristics of Interpersonal Communication Resource Required Appendix B Keys to Effective Business Communication Grading Guide Student responses must focus on the similarity in purpose between the two messages (clarifying the requirements for a class assignment) as well as the differences in audience (instructor and classmate), tone (respectful and deferential for the instructor, friendly and informal for the classmate), and content (possibly reviewing what the student understands about the assignment when writing to the instructor, which demonstrates he or she has made an effort instead of directly asking a classmate about the area of confusion). Assignment: Online Resources Purpose of Assignment This assignment provides an opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with available resources at the Center for Writing Excellenceresources they may utilize throughout their college careersand then to use the reviewing services at WritePoint SM and the Plagiarism Checker. Resources Required Appendix C Center for Writing Excellence (CWE) CheckPoint : Effective Business Communication Resources Required Microsoft Word Tutorial: Creating Tables Writing for Your Reader Checklist Keys to Effective Communication Writing Different Kinds of Messages CheckPoint : Different Kinds of Messages Resources Required Appendix A Writing Different Kinds of Messages Printed transcript of final project digital story Model Documents Gallery Grading Guide Students should explain, in one or two paragraphs, the unwanted reactions they might encounter when trying to convince the business committee in the final project scenario. Students should also identify ways to ensure the purpose of the message is conveyed to the audience. Student emails should follow formatting conventions illustrated in the Model Documents Gallery at the Axia College Writing Resources Web site. Both emails should include the following: Informal greeting, including recipients title Introduction of email sender, including position and duties for the project Content explaining purpose of message: either to share information (informative email) or to generate enthusiasm (positive email) while also overcoming any resistance from the reader Informal conclusion or senders name or email signature Additionally, students should explain how the two emails differ. Assignment: Negative Messages Purpose of Assignment Students practice conveying negative informationthe most difficult kind of communicationin an open, honest way. Resources Required Writing Different Kinds of Messages Week Three CheckPoint Model Documents Gallery Writing for Your Reader Checklist Written Assignment Grading Form for Negative Messages, Due in Week Four Content and Development 70 Points Points Earned XX/70 Additional Comments: All key elements of the assignment are covered in a substantive way....
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Grading Rubrics - CheckPoint : Characteristics of...

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