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human rights project - - 1 -Ball James Ball Mrs....

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- 1 -Ball James Ball Mrs. Baione-Doda Humanity and Empathy in the 21 st century 1/18/10 Genocide in Sudan In the world right now all around the world in areas not only in Africa but in also areas of the world that people have never heard of, thousands of people are either being killed, displaced, or oppressed in their homeland. For example in Darfur there has been a recurring human atrocity. The Arab north has invaded the Christian south on a quest for dominance in Sudan. This military action has caused thousands of people to have an exodus out of Sudan to avoid religious persecution. The conquest by these people is ruthless and unrelenting. The Muslims have gone through each town raping and pillaging. They slaughter innocent Men, Women, and children every single day. (“Wee, T.”) This is not only an important issue to me but a lot of others in the world. There is no excuse for the senseless killing of innocent people based on Religion or race. There was no sort of reason to legitimately bring on armed conflict. Not only is it causing
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human rights project - - 1 -Ball James Ball Mrs....

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