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James Ball do now H&E - “Chickens chirped and...

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James Ball Humanity and Empathy 12/15/09 Mrs. Baione-Doda Do now: “But we have nothing to give you, the chief insisted.” (Eggers 144) “This was not in itself a disadvantage; Kur’s sense of direction seemed more assured than Dut’s, his uncertainty about the journey less overt than Dut’s.” (Eggers 145) “The Blue Dog!”(Eggers 146) “But he ate as much as he could. He ate until he could not eat no more” (Eggers 151)
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Unformatted text preview: “Chickens chirped and roosters wailed.” (Eggers 147) “A moment later the boy’s hand had been restored, but was covered in blood. It had been inside the elephant; he had thrust it in where the bullet had created an opening. He had grabbed whatever meat he could and was eating it, raw, his face dripping with the animal’s blood.” (Eggers 151)...
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