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54 Hobson Avenue St. James, NY 11780 Board of Education Smithtown Central School District 26 New York Avenue Smithtown, NY 11787 Dear Smithtown Board of Education, My name is James Mitchell Ball and I am a senior at Smithtown High School East. It has come to my attention that Smithtown Schools and the Smithtown Public Library have banned graphic novels such as Persepolis By Marji Satrapi. This is a tremendous disservice to the population of students and other individuals who are seeking an education or another avenue of curiosity. The advantage of a graphic novel is to communicate a story by the combination of pictures and sentences; this adds an additional dimension to the absorption of plot, tone, and other literary factors. By the district making this book banned I must inform the Board that they are infringing my first amendment rights and an American Citizen because it is breaching freedom of the press. Graphic novels such as Persepolis
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  • First Amendment to the United States Constitution, York Avenue Smithtown, Dear Smithtown Board, Education Smithtown Central, Board of Education Smithtown Central School District

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