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Sentence outline - independent crime was Arizona in 1996 2...

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Sentence Outline I. What victims have and are still going through because of identity theft. A. How many people have been victims to identity theft. 1. The Better Business Bureau estimated about nine million Americans has experienced identity theft. 2. The largest security breach in recent history occored in 2005, when credit card companies annouced that the account information of over 40 million customers had been hacked. B. The pain victims goes through to try and repair the damages of identity theft. 1. It has been estimated that it takes over 175 hours and 800 dollars for the victims to repair he damages. 2. In July 2007, The New York Times told a story of Gabriel Jimenez, he lost his identity to thieves at age 11. He is now 26 years of age and still trying to clean up this mess and he may never recover. II. What is being done to prevent indentity theft. A. What states have changed to prevent this crime. 1. The first state to pass a law recongnizing identity theft as an
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Unformatted text preview: independent crime was Arizona in 1996. 2. At present, fifty states have laws making identity theft a crime and atleast twenty-three states have imposed new requirements on business and institutions in an effort to protect personal information. B. What the government has done to stop this horrific crime. 1. Identity theft became a federal crime in 1998 with the passage of the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act (ITADA). 2. In 2004, the U.S. secret service led an undercover investigation called "Operation Firewall" against the perpetrators of internet identity crimes. III. What we should do to help prevent us becoming a victim of indentity theft. A. Make sure others are taking care of your personal information. B. What you can do from your own home to prevent this crime. 1. Buy a shredder for your home and use it after sorting mail. 2. Do not carry your social or anyother personal information around with you....
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