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Introduction: Recent estimates indicate that one in four adults have been affected by indentity theft. An average victim of identity theft spend over six hunderd hours and fourteen hundred dollars fixing his or her credit. While some businesses makes policies to prevent identity theft, this crime is still on a record high because we are not doing enough to prevent this. From explaining what most victims are going through from identity theft, what government and companies are doing to prevent this ans what we should do too. We wil make sure the crime does not continuely
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Unformatted text preview: increases. Conclusion: Instead of being the nine million americans who have been victims of identity theft, vote for the acts that are here to help prevent our personal information out. Also, if we help ourselves by taking simple saftey precautions, we can be the cause of identity theft decreasing. Stacy Sullvan, writer of New York Times, expressed, " The most maddening aspect of all this is that it could have been prevented." (2000)....
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