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Sentence Variety - :Grammar and Writing |Guides —...

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Unformatted text preview: : :Grammar and Writing |Guides: — Microsoft Internet Explorer ' Kffli Kffl} a httos:ffecamous.phoenirredufsecurefaaoclfgramrnarrWr '— Live E J "l EFF f'l ”a " ....::Grammar and Writin- My Items -- My Drafts {21 -- M Sent Item mam Quiz Your Quiz Results OVERALL SCORE: 80% (S of 1|] Questions Corr Plagiarism Writing 8. Style Information Inform at on Sam pies Site THEE: Writing Style - Class Mem 1: Business Writing Quiz: Sentence Variety - Preferences _ TI 5'th Informaton oaternme submitted: Mon Mar E 2010 10:38:32 ri‘ri' English Language Learners En glis h Lan gu age Learners Tutorial Wnijng English for Speakers of Either Lan gu ages Wizards and Tutorials Writing Wizards Software Tuton als the definition and rules for each topic. o Using Concise Language o Active and Passive Voice o Parallelism o Sentence Variety o Clarity ...
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