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Using concise language - :Grammar and Writing Guidesu —...

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Unformatted text preview: : :Grammar and Writing Guidesu... — i'x-'iit:rosoft Internet Explorer Provided by H&'- ommon rrors In ng is Grammar Gin Podcasts: Duieic and Dirinips for Better Wn'ijng Plagiarism Plagiarism Writing 8. Style Information Inform aij on Sam oles Business Writing Inform aij on English Language Learners English Language Learners Tuton a| WHijn g English for Speakers of Either Languages Wizards and Tutorials Wn'ij n g Wizards Software Tutorials View Our Freguentlg.r Asked Questions Using Concise Language Quiz Your Quiz Results OVERALL SCORE: 9U% (9 of 1|] Questions Correct) Site 11112: Writing Style Quiz: Using Concise Language Date I.-"Tlrne Submitted: Mon Mar E 2010 DQ:49:IZI4 ell-“I Copy to Blip-boar ...
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