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Phases of Mitosis

Phases of Mitosis - MITOSIS CYTOKI ESIS Metaphase...

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MITOSIS & CYTOKI±ESIS Prophase Prometaphase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase Chromosomes condense into compact structures Chromosomes first become visible in light microscope Marked by formation of mitotic spindle —structure that produces mechanical forces that pull chromosomes into the daughter cells o Mitotic spindle consists of an array of microtubules components of the cytoskeleton Groups of microtubules attach to the chromosomes and are called spindle fibers Microtubule-organizing centers responsible for mitotic spindle formation are called centrosomes Mitotic spindles begin moving to opposite sides of the cell, or they form on opposite sides The nucleolus disappears and the nuclear envelope breaks down Spindle fibers from each mitotic spindle attach to one of the two sister chromatids of each chromosome The attachment b/w the spindle fibers and each chromatid is made at a structure called kinetochore Kinetochores are located at the centromere region of
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