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1 Bioinformatics Bioinformatics • An intellectual discipline • Goal: Gain understanding about living things. • Method: Use computers to search for informative patterns in the protein and nucleotide sequence databases. Bioinformatics at UMBC • Biology 100L – What is bioinformatics? – Which information is in each database? • Biology 302L – Learn to use simple sequence analysis tools to find amino acid and nucleotide sequence homologies • Genes and Genomes – Write programs to find evolutionarily significant patterns in nucleotide sequences Biol100L Learning Objectives • Vocabulary : – Bioinformatics – Human Genome Project – NCBI – Entrez – Genbank – PubMed – OMIM – TaxBrowser Human Genome Project 1 • An international research initiative • Launched in 1990, completed 1 year ahead of time in 2003. • Primary Goal: determine the nucleotide sequence of the entire human genome (3 billion bp) • Satellite Goals: sequence complete genome of select non-human genomes. Genomes sequenced
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Bioinformatics - Bioinformatics Bioinformatics An...

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