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Midterm practice questions

Midterm practice questions - Practice questions for the...

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1 Practice questions for the Biol100L midterm exam Below are listed all the learning objectives for the labs covered on the midterm exam. Beneath some of the objectives I have pasted questions that appeared on one out of three exams I gave to students in the Fall 2003 semester. (Note: Even though only some of the learning objectives can be sampled on any one exam, you are expected to meet ALL of the learning objectives, so don’t interpret the fact that a particular learning objective doesn’t have a question beneath it to mean a question on that objective won’t appear on YOUR exam.) None of these practice questions will appear on your exam. (Unlike the Fall 2003 exam, your written exam will be almost entirely in multiple choice format, ~5 questions/lab). However, if you take the time to read the questions and the learning objectives they address, they should take some of the mystery out of my exam-writing process. I hope I can convince you that it’s worth your time to use the learning objectives to help guide your studies: both for this exam, for the next exam, AND on a weekly basis before coming to lab. To use these practice questions effectively, begin by using the learning objectives (in your course-pack) to guide your studying. When you feel you have learned the material in the learning objectives, try to answer the questions. Then check your answers against the answers given at the end of this document. If you were able to get the questions right, you can feel confident that you will do well on the exam. If there are questions you can’t answer, use that as an indicator of which areas you need to review further. The ‘tasks’ in the practical portion of the exam all evaluate the learning objectives labeled ‘skills’. See if you can use what you’ve learned about the relationship between the learning objectives and the exam questions to guess how we might set up a way to ‘measure’ whether you’ve mastered each skill or not. LAC
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2 Cell and Microscopes Learning Objectives I. Learn about microscopes. A. Learn names and functions (what they do) of parts of microscope. 1. What is the name of the part of the microscope which controls the width of the circle of light passing through the specimen? a. shutter b. iris diaphragm c. condenser lens d. light intensity lever (or dial) e. revolving turret B. Learn the terminology used to describe the features of microscopes (e.g. field of view, working distance, etc.) C. Learn how the different types of microscopes work. D. Learn when it's appropriate to use each type of microscope. E. Know the limits (relative size and type of specimen) of each type of microscope. II. Skills. A. How to use a microscope without breaking it. B. How to get out, put away and clean the lenses on a microscope.
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Midterm practice questions - Practice questions for the...

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