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BIOINFORMATICS STUDENT Q: Which one is incorrect for TaxBrowser uses? a. Look up for given species ( kingdom, phylum, class, order etc.) b. Genetic maps – OMIM has this information c. Look up scientific names. d. A and C e. All of the above GENETICS STUDENT Q: Assume hair color is coded for by a single, biallelic gene. Assume further that brown hair is dominant to blonde hair. What is the genotype of a blonde haired person? a. BB b. Bb c. BBbb d. bb FLOWERS, FRUITS, and SEEDS STUDENT Q: Name the order, from outside to inside in which the following layers are found in a peach fruit when dissected: a. Exocarp, Endocarp, Mesocarp, Seed b. Endocarp, Mesocarp, Exocarp, Seed c. Exocarp, Mesocarp, Endocarp, Seed
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Unformatted text preview: d. Endocarp, Mesocarp, Seed, Exocarp • CIRCULATION STUDENT Q: You are looking at a slide under a microscope, however the slide is not labeled. You know that the slide has to be of an artery or a vein since you have recently been studying the circulation system, but you are not sure which one it is. You can see that the slide shows a red, circular image with thick walls. What is the image? – Artery • TAXONOMY Q: Given a good portion of a tree branch from a tree on UMBCs campus, identify the genus and common name of the specific tree using the dichotomous key in the Symbiosis textbook. Make sure to write the genus in its proper form....
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