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POST LAB1 - shifted pole the change should have been...

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A second order low-pass filter attenuates high frequencies even more aggressively than a first order low- pass filter. The magnitude and phase bode plots of a second order low-pass filter resemble that of a first- order low-pass filter but the magnitude and phase change over a smaller range of frequencies resulting in a similar looking yet steeper graph. The simulated results from Pspice and the hand-calculated results match the measured results. Though the graphs look similar there are some discrepancies in the measure graphs that could result from the equipment. Although the resistor values used in the lab had to be approximated resulting in a slightly
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Unformatted text preview: shifted pole, the change should have been negligible. The noise filtering operation of the low-pass filter is easily noticeable through the experiment. Without the filter, the signal was distorted by an extremely high frequency noise however once the filter was implemented it attenuated the high frequency noise. This lab successfully analyzed and implemented low-pass filters. It also reinforced our understanding of some basic equipment – Oscilloscope, function generator, protoboard, and digital multimeter....
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