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OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS AND DIODES Sample Problems - Dr. Aydın ˙ I. Kars ¸ılayan 1. In the circuit below, assume that the opamps are ideal, and their saturation voltages are less than the reverse breakdown voltage of the diode ( | V SAT | < | BV | ). (a) Using the constant-voltage-drop model for the diode, find V o as a function of V i . (b) Sketch the DC transfer characteristics ( V o vs. V i ). (c) Verify your results using Pspice. For the diode, use the model D1N4002. Provide schematics and all necessary plots with measurements. U 2 U 1 4k R 1 3k R 2 2k R 3 1k R 4 6k R 5 D 1 0 V o V i 0 2. Design AC adapters using: (a) A single-ended transformer with a bridge rectifier (b) A center-tapped transformer with a full-wave rectifier with the following specifications: Output voltage ( V o ) 5 V Maximum ripple 10% Load current ( I L ) 0 – 500 mA For each case, determine the minimum specs for the diode ( I D,max , I D,avg , reverse breakdown voltage), primary/ secondary ratio of the transformer ( n ), and the capacitance value. Show all your calculations. Simulate your designs
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