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4. (6 points) Prove that if G is a cyclic g~oup then any subgroup of G is cyclic. L(Z r N( C{. l\( ~ ~lt.w./\+s o~ th2. fO\ ,.. ~t ~or ""ek. t "ç"fve.,s • \'vi bt. +~ s,. ."llest fcs,·ti~ •. C/lutt-- be:.r ~Io\L\" Uvd ~~ ~ N. N=- < Q~>. C.vioose Ci\~ el~+- ci. ~ ec "i. e,lj &IJcl;~ o.\3or:f~,. ..1 k~ P(Vi-+~ hl.\t , <.~ M.'tI:Nii\H~ ~) ,·"con.1:.s+l!'1\1'
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