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MCB110 – Nogales – Spring 2000 STUDY QUESTIONS I M EMBRANE L IPIDS AND THE L IPID B ILAYER What are the main type of lipids found in biological membranes and what are their general structures? Describe the different structures formed by lipid self-assembly What does it mean that the lipid bilayer is fluid? How will fluidity be affected by the following: a) longer fatty acid chains; b) more saturated bonds; c) presence of cholesterol? Why is it energetically unfavorable for a lipid to flip from one leaflet to the other in the bilayer? How can this be allowed in the cell? M EMBRANE P ROTEINS Describe briefly the three types of membrane associated proteins and the means required in every case for separation from the lipid bilayer. Can you name at least one type of function each type plays in the cell? Why is it difficult to obtain the atomic structure of integral membrane proteins? What does it mean that membrane proteins have an asymmetric orientation in the bilayer?
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