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1001A1 Discussion Sheet - Thus if a number was: 2006010001,...

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DISCUSSION SHEET LESSON 1001A-1 SAMPLE EGRADE EXAMINATION 1. (4)…17 + 25 = 42 2. (2)… 10/2 = 5 3. (3)…Since y = 0 all y-terms are eliminated. This leaves 2(x + 0) + 8x – 0 =16x + 0 – 42. Multiply 2 to the x we get…2x + 8x = 16x – 42 Add 2x to 8x we get…10x = 16x – 42 Subtract 10x from 16x and add 42 to both sides…+42 = 16x – 10x + 42 – 42 This leaves us with…42 = 6x Divide 42 by 6 yields an answer of 7 4. (3)…You are not allowed to use characters such as !, @, #,$,%, ^, &, *, (, ) 5. (1)…CIEs and World Colleges web site is www.cie-wc.edu 6. (4)…All of the mentioned methods is a way to reach the instructors. 7. (1)…Your Welcome Packet has the Option letter and pictures to show you the Upgrade Equipment. 8. (1)…The student number is made up of 10 digits. The first four digits is the year the next two is the month and the last four is the sequential number for that month.
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Unformatted text preview: Thus if a number was: 2006010001, then 2006 is the year, 01 is the month of January, and 0001 is the first student in January. 9. (2)Since each course is based on time, then you should start As Soon As Possible once you receive your first shipment. 10. (1)Student Service can be reached at 1-800-243-6446 as well as at 216-781-0331, studentservice@cie-wc.edu and by mail. This is a sample of how you will receive your discussion sheets and how they will appear. Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat to download the attachments. If all worked well, then begin your first lesson or assignment. If you do not see a four digit number then the lesson cannot be processed by EGrade. You will need to fax or send it to us as an email attachment. Good luck and we all wish you the best for a successful career!...
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