2705A1 Discussion Sheet

2705A1 Discussion Sheet - 2705A1 Discussion Sheet SHORT...

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Unformatted text preview: 2705A1 Discussion Sheet SHORT ANSWER 1. ANS: Although networks based on a bus topology are relatively inexpensive to set up, they do not scale well. As you add more nodes, the network’s performance degrades. Because of the single-channel limitation, the more nodes on a bus network, the more slowly the network will transmit and deliver data. Bus networks are also difficult to troubleshoot because it is a challenge to identify fault locations. A final disadvantage to bus networks is that they are not very fault-tolerant because a break or a defect in the bus affects the entire network. As a result, and because of the other disadvantages associated with this topology, you will rarely see a network run on a pure bus topology. REF: 287-288 2. ANS: Because they include a centralized connection point, star topologies can easily be moved, isolated, or interconnected with other networks; they are, therefore, scalable. For this reason, and because of their fault tolerance, the star topology has become the most popular fundamental layout used in contemporary LANs. Single star networks are commonly interconnected with other networks through hubs and switches to form more complex topologies. Most Ethernet networks are based on the star topology....
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2705A1 Discussion Sheet - 2705A1 Discussion Sheet SHORT...

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