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2710A1 Discussion Sheet

2710A1 Discussion Sheet - 2710A1 Discussion Sheet SHORT...

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2710A1 Discussion Sheet SHORT ANSWER 1. ANS: Is access to the network affected? Is network performance affected? Are data or programs affected? Or are both affected? Are only certain network services (such as printing) affected? If programs are affected, does the problem include one local application, one networked application, or multiple networked applications? What specific error messages do users report? Is one user or are multiple users affected? Do the symptoms manifest themselves consistently? REF: 619-620 2. ANS: When did the problem begin? Has the network, server, or workstation ever worked properly? Did the symptoms appear in the last hour or day? Have the symptoms appeared intermittently for a long time? Do the symptoms appear only at certain times of the day, week, month, or year? REF: 621 3. ANS: If you suspect that a network change has generated a problem, you can react in two ways: You can attempt to correct the problem that resulted from the change, or you can attempt to reverse the change and restore the hardware or software to its previous state. Both options come with hazards. Of the two, reverting to a previous state is probably less risky and less time-consuming.
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