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2712A1 Discussion Sheet - 2712A1 Discussion Sheet SHORT...

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2712A1 Discussion Sheet SHORT ANSWER 1. ANS: Transmissions can be intercepted (spread-spectrum wireless and fiber-based transmissions are more difficult to intercept). Networks that use leased public lines, such as T1 or DSL connections to the Internet, are vulnerable to eavesdropping at a building’s demarcation point (demarc), at a remote switching facility, or in a central office. Network hubs broadcast traffic over the entire segment, thus making transmissions more widely vulnerable to sniffing. Unused hub, router,or server ports can be exploited and accessed by hackers if they are not disabled. A router’s configuration port, accessible by Telnet, may not be adequately secured. If routers are not properly configured to mask internal subnets, users on outside networks (such as the Internet) can read the private addresses. Modems attached to network devices may be configured to accept incoming calls, thus opening security holes if they are not properly protected. Dial-in access servers used by telecommuting or remote staff may not be carefully secured and monitored. Computers hosting very sensitive data may coexist on the same subnet with computers open to the general public. Passwords for switches, routers, and other devices may not be sufficiently difficult to guess, changed frequently, or worse, may be left at their default value. REF: 727 2. ANS: A firewall may not be adequate protection, if it is configured improperly. When a user Telnets or FTPs to your site over the Internet, her user ID and password are transmitted in plain text - that is, unencrypted. Anyone monitoring the network (that is, running a network monitor program or a hacking program specially designed to capture logon data) can pick up the user ID and password and use it to
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2712A1 Discussion Sheet - 2712A1 Discussion Sheet SHORT...

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