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6602-- Discussion Sheet - EXAMINATION DISCUSSION LESSON...

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EXAMINATION DISCUSSION LESSON 6602 (25 Questions) INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER HARDWARE To assist you in your review of this lesson we have prepared this discussion sheet. We suggest that you read the discussion on questions you had right as well as on questions you missed. 1. (2) A/D Converter … Section 1.1, First paragraph. All computers are made up of a group of three fundamental elements: a central processor, memory, and input / output devices. 2. (4) Expansion … Section 1.1 , subsection “Busses,” first paragraph. There are three major buses on computer systems: the data bus, the address bus and the control bus.] 3. (3) Code … Supplement to Section 1.1. Digital circuits use HI and LO logic levels to represent information. The patterns of HIs and LOs are called codes . 4. (1) instruction … Supplement to Section 1.1. A code that “tells” a digital circuit what function to perform is called an instruction . (Note that “opcode” would also be an answer, but it is not included in the choices for this question.) 5. (4) register … Supplement to Section 1.2. In computers, a group of flip flops used to store digital information is called a register. 6. (3) EEPROM … Section 1.4. Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory, EEPROM, can be erased with electrical signals and then reprogrammed. 7.
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6602-- Discussion Sheet - EXAMINATION DISCUSSION LESSON...

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