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MUS 354 Vocabulary Hip Hop - cultural movement. Began in in Bronx 1974 Spread around world main elements break dancing rapping and graffiti Fasion double duch jump rope and political activism Rap – primary source of 1974 Rhym lyrics chanted over a rhythmic music Afro-Diaspora – people who left Africa by choice or force. Musical cultures are close to where their from Rhythm – all time based events in music. All music has rhythm. All different segments timed to eachother Beat – a regular pulse in music. Clap along to it. Not all music have piece. Pitch – refers to frequency of a note. High or low. Harmony - two pitches happen at the same time. Melody – two notes one after another. Groove – layered rhythmic pattern. All the way back to Africa. 1970s in most music like punk. Break – originally jazz musicians. Band would pause so someone could solo an instrument. It changed to a interlude. Percussions and bass.
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Unformatted text preview: DJ disc jockey. Repeated breaks of songs foundation for break dancing and then rap music MC master of ceremonies. Rap over beats. Mc = rapper. Breakdancing style of dance with hip hop. Bronx 1970s. fast footwork freezes. B boys and b girls. Compete with crews. Note on Breaking many b boys and g girls prefer breaking rather than break dancing Graffiti originated in new York city in 1960s. Writing names on subway trains could get recognized around time. Crew group of affiliated mcs, djs, b boys, or any other. Membership may change often. Alternative to street gangs in the Bronx. Form how a piece divides into sections. Old rap Short intro then versus and end withs a conclusion or outro. Verse chorus form. New rap is Short intro verse which is rapperd chorus which many be rapped then alternates new rap versus with the chorus....
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