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BIO 315 – MICROBIOLOGY: MID TERM EXAM 2 – Summer 2007 Please fill in your name and SOLAR ID number on your answer sheet before starting. DO NOT write anything under the column marked birthdate. Answers to the multiple choice questions must be filled in on the answer sheet with a #2 pencil. There are 30 multiple choice questions. (1 pt. each) Answers to the “essay question section” should be turned in on the sheet of paper on which the “essay questions” are printed. You may use this sheet and any other blank space to do relevant work, but please make sure that everything you want us to see is on the sheet you hand in. There are 5 “essay questions” worth a total of 10 pts. Answer sheets and essay sheets will be collected when time is called at 10:50. If you finish before that time you may hand in your answer sheets and leave the room. Please keep your copy of the exam booklet. Answers and grades will be posted ASAP on Blackboard. SELECT THE BEST ANSWER!! GOOD LUCK!
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1. A particular bacterium has the following characteristics: It is gram positive, exhibits a filamentous growth pattern and is used in preparing antibiotics. Which bacterium is it? a. Bordetella b. Streptomyces @ c. Rickettsia d. Helicobacter e. Borrelia 2. Which of the following characteristics are used to classify bacteria according to the Determinative Manual? a. Nutritional pattern b. DNA sequence comparisons c. Morphology d. Both a and c are correct @ e. All of the above are correct 3. Cyanobacteria: a. are aerobic photosynthesizers @ b. are members of the Division Firmicutes c. use hydrogen sulfide as an electron donor for photosynthesis d. are acid fast e. are chemoautotrophs 4. A particular bacterium is gram negative, non-photosynthetic, spiral in shape, and posseses an axial filament. Which of the following is it? a. Borrelia @ b. Shigella c. Neisseria d. Psuedomonas e. Yersinia 5. Bergey’s Manual of Determinative Bacteriology uses all of the following characteristics to classify bacteria except: a. DNA sequence comparisons @ b. cellular morphology c. oxygen requirements d. gram stain reaction e. acid fast stain reaction 6. Which of the following statements is true of viruses? a. Viruses are traditionally classified into Kingdoms and Phyla
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Micro_Exam_2_summer_2007 - BIO 315 MICROBIOLOGY MID TERM...

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