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AE402, Fall 2008, Project Dr. I.Yavrucuk AE402 Aircraft Instrumentation and Measurement Project (50% of Final) Instructor: Dr. Ilkay Yavrucuk One of the challenges in instrumentation is to find hardware that work together well (compatibility) and is still cost effective. Classically, if all avionics are build in-house the compatibility issues are minimal (e.g. Apple computer), but more expensive. However, if the parts are purchased as commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products the cost is reduced yet compatibility is harder (e.g. PC computers). In this excersise you are asked to define a compatible COTS avionics package for flight navigation , including take-off, landing, cruise, loiter, high and low altidute,…etc. of a High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) UAV (Fig.1). The specifications for the aircraft are the same as given in the class project of AE451 of this year and can be found on the AE451 class website.
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Unformatted text preview: The best place to search for COTS instruments is the internet. In each case the purpose is to come up with the cheapest yet compatible solution and performing well enough solution. A final report is due the date of the final . You can be teams of up to 3 students. Depending on the number of students the survey should be more involved as the team has more students. Fig.1: Global Hawk In your report, for each component, include why you selected those instruments (stating the requirement that drives the need), if the specifications of the instruments are enough for the mission with which components it will interact. how each of the instruments are connected and how they communicate what their power requirements are and how you plan to provide that power. How you are connected to the ground station. Note: The instrument package should be available for purchase through the internet....
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