global - #SSH Secure Shell global settings file#SSH...

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#SSH Secure Shell global settings file #SSH Communications Security Ltd File Version=S:5.00 F [Appearance] Show Toolbar=N:1 Show Statusbar=N:1 Caption Displays Profile Name=N:1 Scrollback Buffer Size=N:500 Office XP Look=N:0 Catch URLs=N:1 Paste on Right Mouse Click=N:0 Open all windows=N:1 Scroll end on output=N:1 Resource DLL=S:sshclientres_en.dll Resource DLL NG=S:sshclientngres_en.dll R [Font] Name=S:Terminal Size=N:9 S [Messages] Banner=N:1 B [Firewall] Host Name=S: Port=N:1080 Socks Version=N:4 S [Connection] Connection Timeout=N:0 C [External Keys] Disconnect Automatically When Token Is Removed=N:1 Connect Automatically When Token Is Reinserted=N:1 Seconds To Wait Before Disconnecting=N:0 S [PKI] LDAP Servers=S: OCSP Responder URL=S: Disable CRLs=N:0 Import Directory=S:\ Endpoint Identity Check=N:1 E [File Transfer] Force Lowercase=N:0 Show files starting with period=N:0 Show Root Folder=N:0 List Display Mode=N:3 Confirm Overwrite=N:1 Close Progress Dialog on success=N:1 Upload-Download Directory=S:\
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This note was uploaded on 03/08/2010 for the course MATH 111 taught by Professor Wha during the Spring '10 term at École Normale Supérieure.

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global - #SSH Secure Shell global settings file#SSH...

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